Customer Experience starts at home …

                                Customer Experience starts at home …

Customer Experience. Nice to have or ? Prosperity in your business and work life thrives off positive experiences from satisfied customers. But nowadays, it’s commonplace for our focuses to be lasered in on profits, KPIs, and generating leads instead of fostering genuine relations. What’s meaningful and instrumental for the well-being of your business – a positive customer experience and a pleasant workplace – can fall through the cracks of management jargon.

Fundamental, innate human mannerisms breed successful business practices, and it’s oft necessary to rewind, wipe the slate clean, and make a fresh start of your understandings. The ingredients of success are a lot easier than the puzzle presented to you in a corporate handbook. So what’s the baseline, crucial practice for revenue, sustainability, and a healthy customer exchanges? Authentically giving your customers a positive experience. Customers have positive experiences when dealing with happy employees and coworkers, and being able to provide this to a customer has deeper roots than simply plastering on a smile and forcing through the day.

The kicker is that a positive customer experience begins in your home – not at your second home (work), but at the heart of where everything matters – where we spend time with our loved ones. Good customer experiences come from cultivating healthy relationships and environments in your home.

Inherently positive people that interact well with coworkers and customers aren’t just harbingers of overactive serotonin – positivity can be a learned and practiced tendency. At home, it’s easy to get frustrated when the kids paint your favorite shirt, or overreact and spill your anger over a burdensome day, but these stresses can be molded to not be as disruptive as our often negative-leaning brain tends to be, and can be prevented from working their way out in the workplace. Learning how to treat your loved ones with unbridled kindness, even in the midst of frustrating situations, not only makes your home a more inviting place to be, it creates a trail of beneficial experiences to your workplace, your coworkers, and finally, to your customers.

Why Harmony At Home Is Important

Success in life doesn’t start at work. Success with customers and success in our work begins long before we grab our briefcase or purses and push open our doors. The vision of your day starts with attentiveness and care in your home. It is only after nurturing our household that we can truly feel fulfilled enough to carry over our best selves to the workplace, propagate these triumphs at home to bettering and uplifting our coworkers, shining the true nature of ourselves through to a waiting customer.

Authenticity Matters

If a positive experience is at all contrived, true moods reveal themselves and break through in one way or another. Authenticity is pinnacle with every transaction, and blossoming more positive customer experiences is easier when the roots are clean and pure. When real congeniality is achieved in the home, real congeniality carries over – the domino effect of good moods and gratified people is amplified through the groundwork you’ve created in your personal space. You no longer have to fabricate thoughts or feelings.

The above is simple human nature. Sparking a flame of good experiences at home and letting the effects organically spread to the spectrum of your business easily becomes second nature – you just have to begin. There’s never a better time to practice providing your loved ones with acts of service. Just watch the effect this simple process has on your personal demeanor, your interactions with coworkers, and your customer experiences and sales – and not with the simple intention to boost your sales, but to make a difference in many peoples lives, and create bonds and interactions that go beyond business.

Do you aspire higher?

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