THE Customer Journey Grows Your Business

In a nutshell, THE customer journey grows your business if  analytics measure and interweave every mark that your customer hits relating to your business, across multiple channels and over specific periods of time.

These analytics pool together millions of events, outlining them into journeys that stem from your customers point of view. The approach is a data-driven way to analyze, discover, and potentially influence the roadmap of your customers’ path. And this data is available to the business owner in real-time. Therefore, kinks in the road can be mitigated immediately.

Customer Journey Analytics: An Overview

An example goes like this: A customer is shopping for a new internet provider for their home. This path goes many different ways in different conversations the customer engages in. Each touchpoint is measured to see how the customer reacts to each interaction. Through the online searches, the phone calls, the internet setup, and any ensuing communication after the fact, the company is measuring the ins and outs of every step of the journey. Measuring this from patron to patron helps to identify what methods are getting in the way of company growth, customer loyalty, and overall customer satisfaction.

Customer journey maps remain popular among many businesses to improve the customer experience. When backed by journey analytics and hard data, they become even richer and capable of adding extra adding value to grow your business.

After implementing changes based on customer journey analytics, it has surprised many businesses to see such drastic differences. Businesses can expect higher satisfaction rates, improved customer retention and loyalty, and surging growth when providing a smooth path.


The customer experience  is the most important part of your business. If you’d like help understanding your customer’s journey, consider contacting me for a free 15-minute consultation.


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