Dominique Demeulemeester

Let your people thrive, and your business grow

Mentor, business coach and interim manager Dominique Demeulemeester helps SME entrepreneurs grow with impact.

Steal the wisdom of more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience

Looking for a partner for your growth? I am poached in the world of SME entrepreneurship. For more than 25 years, I have helped business leaders transform to sustainable growth. Not with expensive words. Well with hard work, common sense and tons of experience in sales, marketing and people and change management.

Management & organization

Ease your growing pains and make your organizational structure work for you, not against you. Get clarity on your strategy and business priorities. Strengthen your personal leadership, that of your team and your organization.

Sales & marketing

Break down the silos between your sales and marketing teams. Put a turbo on your sales and achieve predictable short-term growth. Do you put your customer first?

Teams & talent

As a mentor, I help SMEs strengthen their teams and talents. The result is higher retention and a more lasting bond between the employee and the company.


Why work with me?

Working with me anyway means growing on a human level as well as with measurable results on a business level. Also looking forward to growing?

Get my SME expertise

Do you have an urgent or important question surrounding the growth of your organization? Need SME advice? Talking works. Feel free to contact me for questions around:

Throughout our collaboration, I have found Dominique to be an exceptionally dedicated and capable mentor. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience have added invaluable value to my professional development.

Jonathan Delft

Dominique not only put his finger directly on the wound, he formulated an approach that worked.

Robin Van Oudenhove

Thanks to his extensive network, Dominique put me in touch with the right people to achieve further growth.

Sophie Douterloigne

When you talk about someone who can motivate people and make employees gustatory, no one is better.

Lieven De Meulenaere

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