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How do you expose your blind spots ?

“Where I bring reinforcement to clients, I am more than once called ‘The Fireman’ by colleagues.”

And not because I put out fires …”

In our successful collaboration at the Pidy company, Dominique not only knew how to put his finger on the problem immediately and see the blind spots, but also how to formulate an approach that worked.”

And what’s the big deal about blind spots? That they are not visible (by the company) of course.

Spotting them yourself is not easy and assessing the consequences correctly even more difficult.

“In my experience, an investigation into the blind spot(s) in your company is more than worthwhile. After all, you can ‘win’ in the very short term. Both in terms of turnover, profit and people.”

Robin Van Oudenhove

CEO Mr Mallo Wetteren

Pidy , a beauty of an SME where Robin and myself took the lead for 10 years.

Is a sounding board valuable as a manager ?

“Dominique looks at the organisation with an open mind. He provides reflection on the company, the team and yourself as a leader. After the monthly sessions with Dominique, I am full with ideas and immediately start using his practical tips!”

Kirke Hillewaert

CCO Axintor Veurne Belgium

How to select the right competence for your Advisory Board for your company ?

“When you talk about someone who can motivate people and make employees “energetic ” there is no one better. The broad knowledge , experience and huge network is so valuable”

“As coach for our young team, Dominique gave us some top valuable insights that we still cherish. The hands-on approach as opposed to some theoretical approaches have a very compelling impact on quick results.”

Lieven De Meulenaere

Managing Director Demapack Oudenaarde

Demapack, a growth SME in the packaging industry where I was a member of the Advisory Board for 2 years.

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