I bring your people and your organization up to cruising speed

Growing means questioning yourself from time to time, both as a person and as an organization. Taking a step back and leaving the daily hectic behind. Because those who are too close to reality eventually fail to see the overall picture.

As an independent and objective outsider, I am the ideal sparring partner to get your SME back up to cruising speed. I ask the right questions, I challenge you, and I encourage you to work with the appropriate solutions. That is sometimes challenging, but just as often the solution is so close, and you can tackle your challenge much faster and with fewer resources than you think.

Management & organization

An efficient structure and operating model are essential for any business. Only that structure doesn’t always grow with your ambitions. Result: processes become complex, communication goes awry, and growth stalls.

‘We’ve always done it this way’ is not a good indicator. I help you take a critical look at your processes and management structure. I pull your organization afloat so that growth becomes possible again. And based on my experience in change management, I help you implement change in the workplace.

Do you recognize these problems?

Do you recognize these problems?

Sales & marketing

The value of your business is in the strength of your sales team. But selling more does not always mean hiring more salespeople. On the other hand, selling is also not about hacks or tricks. A strong brand story and good positioning also determine whether customers want to do business with you.

Are your sales in a struggle? Want to market a new product? Are you looking for better synergy between sales and marketing or want to break down the silos between the two departments? My no-nonsense approach and experience with sales and marketing put your teams back on edge.

Teams & talent

Did you know that one in six new employees is gone again within six months?

What is your strategy for recruiting people? And what do you do to keep them on board? Finding the right profile is sometimes searching for a needle in a haystack. Recruitment mistakes are also costly, both humanly and financially. So you want to avoid those as much as possible.

I help you look at your employees differently and build teams based on the strengths and competencies of each team member.

Do you recognize these problems?

Not sure where to start?

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Talking works!

Throughout our collaboration, I have found Dominique to be an exceptionally dedicated and capable mentor. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience have added invaluable value to my professional development.

Jonathan Delft

Dominique not only put his finger directly on the wound, he formulated an approach that worked.

Robin Van Oudenhove

Thanks to his extensive network, Dominique put me in touch with the right people to achieve further growth.

Sophie Douterloigne

When you talk about someone who can motivate people and make employees gustatory, no one is better.

Lieven De Meulenaere

Why working together

Why working with me?

Every situations is unique. Your business challenges are unique. You are better off with a pragmatic one-to-one insight when you are struggling with decisions where you stand alone as an entrepreneur.

Hands-On thinking,
Analysing is just the first step. I believe in the importance of action. After the analysis phase, I take the lead in implementing & guiding the consulting plan.

Pragmatic solutions
, No empty promises or unrealistic goals. My advice is practical and focused on measurable improvements for your SME.

True collaboration
, We work together as a team. Your goal is my priority, and we will face the challenges together to the finish. 100% engagement.

Experience and expertise
, 35 years in the field, not behind a desk in the attic. Seasoned in true family growth SMEs. As an entrepreneur, I give you concrete results and progress for your SME.


How i help

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