My inspiration


Bernoux, my inspiration, reaching out for all her friends with mental disabilities

BernouxHi out there !

One of the first things i wanna share with you , is ” inspiration”.

In life things happen for a reason…
If you believe it or not, yes, they do. I believe.

You can see on my profile that i am into fundraising, and this is one of my  expert fields. How come ?

Am i rich ? Yes, life granted me 2 great kids. Tanguy, my  son,  just turned  21y last week , dec 16th. Exploring the path of life…  Study, friends, youtube, .. Or in reverse order ?  And my princess Bernoux,  17 year old sparkling daughter is my inspiration. Mentally and physically disabled since birth. She will never walk , nor speak languages. But she communicates, in many different ways. And communication is number one between people who want to understand each other. Who want to work together. Who want to achieve goals together.

So to come back to fundraising, Bernoux  brought me into fundraising, my little princess. As a dad with some sales and marketing skills, she pushed me to reach out and give help to her friends out there …  One day , Sophie, a long time friend, she  told me to visit a project near my city Kortrijk, called ‘De Engelenhoeve’ (Farm of Angels).

At ‘De Engelenhoeve’ , over 1.500 children with a physical and/or mental disability are enjoying their moment of ‘happiness’ each year. The contact with the animals (eg horses) and the snoezelen in- and outside in the garden, are key. The enthusiasm and the unlimited energy from Greet & Denis (the founders)  are the ingredients of this unique concept.

So , happy to share this with you , and be an inspiration for you all.

Warmest sunday , Dominique
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