Jonathan Delft CEO MR SOLAR

Throughout our collaboration, I have found Dominique to be an exceptionally dedicated and capable mentor. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience have added invaluable value to my professional development.

How to select the right competence for your Advisory Board for your company ?

“When you talk about someone who can motivate people and make employees “energetic ” there is no one better. The broad knowledge , experience and huge network is so valuable” “As a coach for our young team, Dominique set some emphases that we still hold dear. The hands-on approach as opposed to some theoretical approaches […]

Is a sounding board valuable as a manager ?

“Dominique looks at the organisation with an open mind. He provides reflection on the company, the team and yourself as a leader. After the monthly sessions with Dominique, I am brimming with ideas and immediately start using his practical tips!”

How do you expose your blind spots ?

“Where I bring fast help to clients, I am more than once called ‘The Fireman’ by colleagues.” And not because I put out fires …” In our successful collaboration at the Pidy company, Dominique not only knew how to put his finger on the problem immediately and see the blind spots, but also how to […]

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