Branch optimization brings greater efficiency and better service

For nine months I had the opportunity to accompany a leading company in the construction industry during a successful reorganization. The goal was to optimize two branches. I implemented strategic personnel changes and supported leadership development.

Start-up of a Dutch subsidiary

I helped implement a new relaunch with a strong branch manager. I also recruited an initial technical assistant. Who must schedule service technicians with customers on different projects. I also ensured the strengthening of operational processes to improve customer service.

Targeted leadership renewal for subsidiary in Wallonia

The leadership renewal in this branch was twofold:

  • Replacing the branch manager with an empathetic leader with strong leadership skills
  • Reorientation of existing branch manager to technical expert manager. This new role provides support to sales and mechanics on all technical issues. This colleague is now the point of contact for all French-speaking questions from customers and employees in Wallonia, and soon in northern France.

Leadership Development for Operations Manager

I filled the role of mentor for the Operations Manager. The goal was to solidify his role on the executive committee and to hone and strengthen his leadership. With success. The Operations Manager became an inspiration to fellow directors, contributing to positive dynamics and improved performance at the board level.

The result: greater efficiency & strong leadership

This reorganization not only improved the operational efficiency of both branches, but it also had a positive impact on leadership. The strategic changes resulted in better collaboration, improved services and strengthened leadership at various levels of the organization. The transformation of individual roles has put the right expertise in the right place, which has contributed to the continued success of the company.

Throughout our collaboration, I have found Dominique to be an exceptionally dedicated and capable mentor. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience have added invaluable value to my professional development.

Jonathan Delft

Dominique not only put his finger directly on the wound, he formulated an approach that worked.

Robin Van Oudenhove

Thanks to his extensive network, Dominique put me in touch with the right people to achieve further growth.

Sophie Douterloigne

When you talk about someone who can motivate people and make employees gustatory, no one is better.

Lieven De Meulenaere

After the monthly sessions with Dominique, I am brimming with ideas and immediately set to work with his practical tips!

Kirke Hillewaert

Dominique gave quickly applicable and practical answers to my challenging questions. He communicates clearly and offered options to take the necessary growing steps with my brand of Dou Care. His input has been very valuable. Thanks to his extensive network, Dominique also put me in touch with the right people to achieve further growth. In short: very hands on!

Sophie Douterloigne

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