Change management and mentorship prepare SME for growth

A manufacturing SME from the cleaning industry needed to further professionalize their operations. The company with two managers, two clerks and six workers is a specialist in their particular niche, but at the time lacked operational efficiency and strong positioning. I chose a step-by-step improvement path.

Strategic business analysis

In the first phase, I conducted a thorough analysis of the company structure, work processes and market position. Based on that analysis, I identified opportunities for optimization and growth according to the specific needs of the market.

  1. Submit subsidy dossier Vlaio: Guided approach to the entire process of preparing, submitting and defending a subsidy dossier to Vlaio (Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen). This included identifying suitable grant opportunities, preparing a detailed plan of action and meticulously submitting all necessary documentation. After submission, I assisted the client in communicating and following up with Vlaio to ensure that the grant was successfully awarded.Realization : 25000 euro grant.
  2. Sharpening the approach to sales and marketing: Together with the client, I evaluated and optimized their current sales and marketing strategy. This included identifying pain points and opportunities, defining clear objectives and developing a focused strategy to improve sales and marketing performance. Through market research, competitive analysis and customer insights, we strengthened and adapted the approach to the needs of their target market.
  3. Selection of a new high-performance dealer DIY for Belgium: Working closely with the business manager, I managed the process of selecting and onboarding a new dealer for the DIY market in Belgium. This included identifying potential candidates, conducting interviews and negotiations, evaluating proposals and finally selecting the most suitable partner. After the selection, I oversaw the onboarding process to ensure that the new dealership could start quickly and effectively.
  4. Counseling on a legal case involving the flagrant copying of a range: I assisted the business manager in a complex legal dispute regarding the flagrant copying of part of their product range. This included analyzing the situation, advising on possible legal action and coordinating communication with the attorney.

Implementation of efficient internal processes

The analysis uncovered a number of inefficient internal processes. I went to work redesigning those processes. The result was increased efficiency and quality of service. I supported the client with:

  • Detecting and resolving pressing issues around ERP
  • An analysis and elaboration of workflows around inventory management and raw materials in ERP

The assignment also had a hefty people management component. I encouraged better communication and regular consultation. Together with the client, I worked out these moments of consultation:

  • Daily standup meetings to discuss status and identify bottlenecks
  • Weekly meetings with case managers and the commercial back office
  • Monthly meetings with team leader workshop and business manager
  • Quarterly team meeting with all employees for updates around market situation, sales figures, and project status

Strategic leadership and management training

I mentored the business owners individually to strengthen and adapt their leadership skills as the company grew.

The result: sustainable professionalization

Close cooperation with the business managers and the entire team allowed me to contribute to the sustainable professionalization of the company. The strategies and changes implemented not only improved operational efficiency, but they also strengthened leadership and market position. In terms of sales and marketing, we realized improved positioning in their specialized market. The company is now poised to confidently face the challenges of the future and achieve further growth in their specific niche.

Throughout our collaboration, I have found Dominique to be an exceptionally dedicated and capable mentor. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience have added invaluable value to my professional development.

Jonathan Delft

Dominique not only put his finger directly on the wound, he formulated an approach that worked.

Robin Van Oudenhove

Thanks to his extensive network, Dominique put me in touch with the right people to achieve further growth.

Sophie Douterloigne

When you talk about someone who can motivate people and make employees gustatory, no one is better.

Lieven De Meulenaere

After the monthly sessions with Dominique, I am brimming with ideas and immediately set to work with his practical tips!

Kirke Hillewaert

Dominique gave quickly applicable and practical answers to my challenging questions. He communicates clearly and offered options to take the necessary growing steps with my brand of Dou Care. His input has been very valuable. Thanks to his extensive network, Dominique also put me in touch with the right people to achieve further growth. In short: very hands on!

Sophie Douterloigne

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